UI / UX Design

At xdigital UI / UX is a big part of our process. We believe that all websites that want to compete in the marketplace need an expert to design its interfaces. Coders know really well how to develop a design into life, they are extremely logical and know how to develop complex features with simple and clean solutions. But for the most part they do not know the intricacies of good web design and how users interact with the digital product. For that you need an expert in web design.

That is why we have UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) experts to make sure that the website is intuitive for the user and accomplishes the goals of the business in the best way possible. The UI / UX designers are those who are the brains and artists behind the design. Similar to most great products, like the iPhone or even the Heinz ketchup bottle. Designers conceptualize the product before it is built and mass-produced

Some of our design projects

Project Name


Project Name


Our Process

The process can vary from project to project, depending on the size, scope and what the goals of the project are. In general, our process looks something like the following:


Questions & Interview phase

We begin by talking with the client. We get to understand what they are about and how they want customers to feel about them. We figure out what the goals of the business are, who their target customer is and what the measure of success is with the website. After that, we create a plan and milestones, which we send to the client.



After we have gathered information from the client we start doing more research on their business and on the industry based on some of the things that the client told us. We gather inspiration, create mood boards and conduct a competitive analysis.



In this step we start creating a low-fi design to show how the structure and flows of the digital product will look. It does not have to be perfect and detailed but it must show the structure. Sometimes for small projects it is possible to skip this step.

After wireframes are done it is sent to the client for review. It is easier to make changes in wireframes than the actual design and it will prevent large design changes in the UI design phase.


UI Design

First, to keep the design consistent, we create a UI kit. For bigger projects we might create a design system. After that we can start to turn the low-fi designs into hi-fi designs. Depending on the project we will create prototypes too.


Client Review (Design)

Once we are happy with the UI design we send it to the client for confirmation. We make the necessary changes after talks with the client.


Developer Hand-off

We give the project to the developer, explain to them how the design works (we continue to do this throughout the development phase) and the developers start the development phase.